Celebration of Fine Art closed Wednesday, March 19. At this time and as always, I want to express my sincere thanks to my first-time and long-time collectors who came to Suzanne Brown Jewelry Studio #230. Collectors, patrons and enthusiasts are part of the driving force behind an artist’s creativity turned into works of art. Each one of you inspires me to design fine art jewelry.

Several pieces from The Uncommon Collection – new this year and quite stunning in my selection of stones and in my original designs – are available as of this Spotlight, along with a few select pieces from my previous collections. Here is a sterling silver roller-print cuff.

A Fordite ring. As part of automotive history, chips of Fordite, also known as Detroit Agate, were first collected by employees at the Ford Motor Company in Michigan in the 1940s from deposits left on the car painting racks. In limited supply, Fordite saved in the 1960s/1970s marks the most intense colors.

Now that the prevailing guidance is that we self-sequester, REMEMBER: that many of the stones I select are believed to have positive energetic qualities. Please see more “SPOTLIGHT ON” newsletters listed on the “See More Newsletters” box which is either on the right, or below if you are on a small screen. Here you can find a recent “SPOTLIGHT ON: Amazing & Adjustable” with content that identifies each stone and suggests the energetic qualities attributed to each. REMEMBER: these stones are set in an Argentium silver back plate with sterling silver ring shank. REMEMBER: these rings are adjustable to fit any finger (6.5 – 9.5). Scroll through the SPOTLIGHTS to find others that catch your eye.

I will be adding new pieces to my website throughout the coming months and will be happy to answer any questions about stones, metals, dimensions and pricing. Know, too, that I am always happy to collaborate with you on a custom design.