As a regular participant in the HITH Tour, I’ll be setting up my tent and showcasing my jewelry – Artisan Modern With An Edge. The weather should be splendid – the sun will shine and my pieces will sparkle – especially the one shown in this advert!

“Bending Branches” is a dendritic quartz that is both transparent and colorless, featuring branch-like inclusions – materials that were trapped inside the quartz while it was forming. I created the freeform accents at the top and bottom of the pendant using a technique called broom casting by pouring melted silver through a small handmade bundle of broomsticks resulting in a stalagmite/stalactite effect. The pendant, set in sterling silver, measures 1½”h x 3″w.


Come and see for yourself – bring your friends – there’s so much to enjoy.

Studio #29 will be open 10 am – 5 pm on November 19-20-21 and 26-27-28. It’s easy to let your friends and family know about this popular event – simply forward this email to your contact list.

See you all at STUDIO #29,