I’m happy to report that I’ve been quite productive – expanding skills and refining techniques in classes held by outstanding teachers like Alison Antelman and master maker Lesley McKeown.

Alison Antelman/Where’s The Clasp?
An online workshop with an emphasis on custom clasp to fit designs. All about fabricating connections that are functional, practical and aesthetic in appearance.

Third time’s the charm!

“Raindrops” finally finished! I created a hidden clasp in the Alison Antelman workshop. Then I remade the settings for the opals and changed to a flexible silver chain. The centerpiece is a hollow form – taught by both Antelman and Lesley McKeown. An interesting pendant with thanks to both of these well-known, well-respected working artists.


Lesley McKeown/The Makery ~ Introduction to Metal Fabrication
This six-week course centered on drawing to conceptualize design ideas and all extensive/essential fabrication techniques: sawing, shaping metal, soldering, cold connections, filing, stone setting techniques, surface embellishments and finishing. McKeown delved deeply into design – evaluating the process through the lens of productive critiques.

“Silvery Moon”
A Boulder opal hangs in the sterling silver crescent of a hollow form moon – another Boulder opal drops below. Pendant measures 3½” x 1½”. Turning a two-dimensional sheet of metal into a three-dimensional form is magical. I’ve created volume by using bending, folding and soldering techniques to create a crescent moon shaped hollow fabrication.


Lesley McKeown/Arizona Designer Craft & Art
This four-day online workshop focused on design and all-around metalsmithing techniques with McKeown critiquing our efforts throughout the course.

Lesley McKeown/Prescott Studio
This was a private, one-on one, in person, two-day deep dive to perfect my metalsmithing techniques.

“Turquoise River”
An embellished bow shaped hollow form ties the river turquoise stone on top to the turquoise hemimorphite below accented with a green garnet gemstone on the side. The sterling silver is oxidized – the pendant measures 4″ x 1″. This piece is a combination of the many technical skills that were the focus of these enriching workshops.


These pieces represent only a few of the pieces I’ve been busy creating. Please contact me for info on pricing and shipping: 480-225-0930 or suzannebrownjewelry@gmail.com.

This year you will find me participating in the upcoming Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour & Sale – November 19-20-21 & 26-27-28, 2021, but I’m taking a break and won’t be at the Celebration of Fine Art exhibition in 2022.

Also, be on the lookout for the next Spotlight which will present ‘In The Pink’ a new collection from Suzanne Brown Jewelry that showcases intensely hot pink cobalto calcite – a crystalline druzy that is very exciting. Happily,