Suzanne BrownI share these kudos in order to invite you to contact me with your experiences. Words of encouragement and satisfaction are welcome and will be included on my Suzanne Brown Jewelry website and/or facebook page or spotlight newsletter along with your first name and city. I personally would love a photo of you wearing the pieces you have collected, but will not publish it without your expressed permission. Reach me via email: suzannebrownjewelry@gmail.com


“Suzanne Brown has an eye for the unique! Her gems are hand-picked to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece anyone would covet in their jewelry collection. I have several pieces I will treasure for a lifetime.”
— Diana Clay – Scottsdale

Tufa-Cast-Bracelet-Set-with-Lapis“I had the pleasure of attending an art fair in Scottsdale and meeting Suzanne Brown. I’m very, very selective about purchasing jewelry anymore. In fact, Suzanne’s pieces were the only ones I saw at the very large art fair that I was motivated to seriously consider purchasing. A piece has to really impress me before I purchase original jewelry items. Suzanne’s jewelry knocked me off my feet.”

Tufa-Cast-Bracelet-Set-with-Lapis-2“I like EVERYTHING that she designs. It’s all extremely unique, high quality, creative and inventive. It’s also very tasteful which is important to me as a CEO because I can’t get by with wearing off the wall looking jewelry and maintain my credibility. I would have loved to have purchased every piece that Suzanne was exhibiting which is a first for me. Actually, my friend and my husband conspired without my knowledge for my husband to purchase the bracelet and so I was doubly surprised to return home and be presented with this lovely, gorgeous bracelet. Suzanne was so kind to go along with the surprise.”

Tufa-Cast-Bracelet-Set-with-Lapis-Detail“My husband ended up purchasing a tufa cast cuff bracelet with a lapis stone. I love the fact that the tufa won’t tarnish and the design with cut-outs in the bracelet were unique and make the entire piece look lighter. The lapis was set very innovatively and securely even though it was raised in a bezzled mounting. I wear the bracelet so often because it matches all of my clothing and it’s very comfortable. I’ve received so many compliments. Lastly, I really don’t like to be pressured to purchase when I go to art fairs. Suzanne was friendly, professional, generous with letting me and my 3 friends try on various pieces but not at all pushy. We all appreciated being able to relax and truly think about how each piece of jewelry looked and felt versus being pressured. We also were so impressed with the pride and excitement that she expressed about her work.”

— Mary