Currently I’m working with magnificent Pyrite – either as a focal point or contained as a natural fractural inset in Lapis Lazuli. Highly prized throughout the ages, Pyrite is believed to hold a strong protective energy and attracts positivity and prosperity.

Collected on the banks of the Volga River in Russia, this Rainbow Pyrite Druzy is remarkable for its somewhat metallic look – a fine layer of miniature crystals pulsate in rainbow colors of gold, green, pink and blue. It is thought to symbolize warmth, love and friendship. Sri Lanka is the primary source of this bright and brilliant Yellow Sapphire accent stone – one that brings on the joyfulness of a sunny day and is thought to stimulate the intellect – also to encourage the exploration and discovery of the possibilities that life holds. Both Stones are set in Argentium silver.

First discovered in France, Azurite is a rare variety of gemstone-quality copper ore and is celebrated for its vivid blue color. At the top of this pendant, a truly stunning Azurite Geode, with crevices filled with many small crystals, closely resembles Lapis in color but without the striations of golden Pyrite that highlight the triangular Lapis Lazuli below. Geodes are considered to improve communication skills and physically, Azurite is thought to help alleviate throat pain and other neck-related issues. All stones set in sterling silver and hang from a sterling silver wire neckpiece, the Yellow Sapphire accent positively completes this stunning sculptural piece.

A 22k gold bezel surrounds and highlights the slice of Pyrite in this brilliantly blue Lapis Lazuli stone in a setting of Argentium silver. While lapis is found in a variety of places worldwide (including CA, Co & AZ in USA), Afghanistan has been the world’s leading source for thousands of years. In this gemstone, naturally occurring contrasting gold Pyrite grains grow with each other into distinct layers. In times past, Lapis crystals were crushed into a powder and used as paint. Cleopatra also used it as an eye-shadow design – no wonder the deep blue color of Lapis is associated with self-expression and awareness.


The images above are just a quick iphone snapshot of the pieces I’ve recently created. Please feel free to forward this Spotlight on to friends so they can have a look/see too. I’ll be showing you more designs of the otherworldly and strange stones that I’m working with next month.

Positively yours,