Mesmerizing! Boulder opal stone “doublets” are thick slices of opal that capture all of their beautiful highlights. These rare stones are mined in Australia, the world’s leading opal supplier.


Ammolite Pendant

Here’s a look at my first finished piece showcasing ammolite – an opal-like organic gemstone fossil only found in Canada.

This Ammolite Pendant ranges in color from purple to green and is set in 14K & 18K gold on textured sterling.

As you can see, this rare Ammolite centerpiece stone reflects brilliant colors – often multiple – with an intense iridescence that “wows” from many perspectives. The highest quality stones are cut into freeform shapes and used in designer jewelry and Suzanne Brown Jewelry is designing a new Kaleidoscope Collection for a vibrant and exciting you.

I will be creating bracelets, earrings and pendants as the days go by. See more right here in my Kaleidoscope Collection and please share the news of this new collection with your friends.