Stalactite Rhodochrosite
In the 13th century Inca Silver Mines in Argentina, dripping water grew over time into stalagmites and stalactites resulting in a markedly concentric growth layer. With a glasslike and pearly sheen with pink and white bands, the rhodochrosite in the earrings above has been cross-cut in slices and set in textured Argentium silver.

Peruvian Honey Rhodochrosite
You might shed tears of joy over the teardrop earrings above with stones that showcase the signature Rhodochrosite pink and white bands. Set in textured sterling silver, these are notable for their translucence with the smoothness and luster of liquid honey.

Grey Druzy
The appeal of druzy lies within its multitude of reflective tiny crystals typically found on either grey or blue stone. It is known as “The Gemstone of Heaven” and its aesthetic brilliance make it a highly sought-after precious mineral believed to have a calming effect on the wearer. Also connected with wisdom, harmony, patience, and optimistic love, the druzy is considered a beautiful and essential gift from nature. The grey drusy above is set in Argentium silver.

Coral Sea Agate
The highly-polished mesmerizing agates above are a blend of lace agate and enhanced turquoise that produces a stone of vivid colors reminiscent of an expansive peaceful sky and billowy clouds bringing a feeling of open space & serenity. Set in textured Argentium silver – wear these earrings, breathe and do your own thing.

Copper Turquoise
Turquoise may be the most valued opaque non-metal mineral in the jewelry market – certainly one of the most popular. The copper deposits in the stones above – set in textured Argentium silver – turn the turquoise toward blue and form intriguing patterns of brown and black – the beauty of which is hard to match in this enchanting stone. Copper Turquoise is considered a to be a stone of life and beauty and of good fortune; of communication; of inspiring new projects; of providing extra energy and attracting prosperity and success.