Blue lapis earrings set in sterling silver – featuring my signature harmoniously “matched/mis-matched” stones in a beautiful dusky celestial blue.


In keeping with my selection of organically shaped stones, this cleanly designed pendant showcases a rare blue Shattuckite that contains Papagoite and Quartz topped with a stunning Azurite Geode.


Also from The Uncommon Collection is this triangular shaped ring that highlights a glittering blue druzy set on a roller printed backing and surrounded by a smooth band of sterling silver.


Powerful Classy Blues from The Uncommon Collection

The round raw Pyrite stone – mixes blue hues with gold veins for a highly reflective pendant.


An intensely blue pendant features a beautiful Azurite Sky Blue Geode above a triangular Lapis Lazuli Sapphire.


I’ve just purchased a new ipad and am able to take much better photos of my jewelry, so this ring showcasing a beautifully blue purely feminine teardrop shaped Tanzanite Stone surrounded by a band of 22k gold and set in roller printed Argentium silver is the last of my quick snapshots.


Suzanne Brown Jewelry offers a selection of fine art jewelry that showcase blue stones – not always in Classic Blue, yet always exquisite, exciting, exotic and timeless in design.

To see them all, try on and select your special piece(s), visit me in Studio #230 at the Celebration of Fine Art now through March 29 under the big white tents on the southwest corner of Hayden Road just off the Loop 101 in Scottsdale, AZ.

Come celebrate with me,