Acquiring works of art is always a thrill and it is always a thrill for me when you add to or begin your collection of Suzanne Brown Jewelry. Thanks to all for visiting me at Hidden In The Hills Studio #26 during the 2017 Tour – it was a wonderful welcome back. Your interest, appreciation and monetary support contributes greatly to the vibrancy of our arts community.

In the spirit of the season, if you have not as yet gotten all of your Holiday sparkle and cheer on and wish to uplift your selection of wearable art accessories, visit my website, send me a text, or give me a ring-a-ding-ding. I’ll be thrilled to help you find and acquire the perfect piece(s) to add to your joyfulness and the joyfulness of those who see you – here, there and everywhere – including those special dinner parties and all-dressed-up events.


Reach out with rings and ring in the New Year, too. Intense color, distinctive glow and a classic combination of gold and silver of the Ocean Blue Ring (size 8 – 8.5) enhances a handshake and/or hand-clapping applause.

Be inspired in the spirit of the season,