The Cinnabar Cuff Bracelet features a natural intense red teardrop shaped stone mined in Russia. It’s set on a backplate which allows the stone to float on the sparkling roller-printed sterling silver cuff.

Since the discovery of deposits in the late 1800s, Southern California is known for mining natural tourmaline gemstones of the greatest value. The Pink Tourmaline Ring, with a focal point stone so striking in color and depth, is set in 22K gold bimetal with 18K gold ball side accents applied to a sterling silver backplate. The ring itself is half round sterling wire and is sized at 8.5.
The incredible colors of watermelon tourmaline are 100% natural – a rare occurrence that makes the gem highly collectable. The stones in these Watermelon Tourmaline Earrings shade from green to pink and are set on roller-printed sterling. Each feature a pure green tourmaline accent stone set in 14K gold and 14K gold jump rings and ear wires. The earrings measure 1.5″L x 0.5″W. Mainly mined in Maine, tourmaline is considered one of earth’s most beautiful gems – worth owning, collecting, and cherishing.

The Four Peaks Amethyst Trillion pendant features a Siberian Red Amethyst unearthed in the famous Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst Mine and a certificate of authenticity accompanies this magnificent work of wearable art. The 3.27ct amethyst is set in fine silver surrounded by 18K gold and applied to a reticulated triangular silver backplate measuring 1″x 1″. A gold or silver neck-wire completes the piece. 

Add original pieces of the Earthly Treasures Collection to your treasure box of jewelry – pieces that you will wear often – time and time again as earthly beauty that is out of this world. 

View more of the Earthly Treasure Collection and as well as a diverse selection of original hand-made pieces of wearable art – all above trend and timeless – all sure to be treasured by patrons and collectors of Suzanne Brown Jewelry.

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