Heat is the catalyst and gas is the fuel that boosts the jeweler’s torch to perform alchemy. In the heat of these past summer months, I’ve been flaming up my torch – melting/melding metals and selecting stones and shaping the settings for my new Earthly Treasures Collection.

The clearest red I’ve ever seen in a stone highlights this rare Russian cinnabar of red, black and grey. To compliment and complete this Earthly Treasure Splash of Red pendant, I have selected a black/grey drusy and two red sapphires. All set in a roller-printed sterling silver backplate with hidden bail. Pendant measures 2″ x 2″.
This is a superb high-luster natural stone known as Hematite “needle ore” presenting a curved striated growth pattern of white lines in keeping with the general shape of the stone. Earthly Treasure Black Tuxedo Mountain pendant was likely from one of the long extinct iron mines in Gogebic County, Michigan. It is paired with a Tuxedo agate and two black diamond accents. Set in sterling silver, an invisible bail makes the piece appear to float on the neck-wire. Pendant measures 1.5′ x 2″.

Dressed for the occasion, both the Splash of Red pendant and the Black Tuxedo Mountain pendant perfectly completes any outfit – from the classic little black dress to the classic black leather jacket.

Come by, try on and select pieces from my line of bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings – including the new Earthly Treasures Collection. Look forward to seeing you,