Lava Flow Earrings by Suzanne Brown

The earrings are made with beautiful red and black poppy jasper set in 14K gold on sterling silver. The connecting drops are carnelian set on darkened sterling silver add to the idea of lava. Overall the earrings are 2 1/2 inches long, however because they are set on 24 g silver they are light weight.

These earrings feature poppy jasper stones in red and black that reminds me of the Lava flow on the Big Island of Hawaii. They are bezel set with 14K gold bezel wire and set on sterling silver. The bottom stones are carnelian and are set on reticulated silver. Reticulated silver is made by heating the silver and then moving the molten silver across the surface, causing the silver to have an irregular surface, adding texture. The earrings are light and easy to wear but very visual.

Order Lava Flow Earrings Lava Flow Earrings @ $320.00